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About Us

Organization Tenets

Red Road Counseling Services seeks to become a quality provider of behavioral health care in the state of Oklahoma.  This is defined by the owners of Red Road Counseling Services, as maintaining services to patients served relative to other similar organizations and doing so within the top 10% of comparable organizations.  On the path to such a vision Red Road Counseling has established a goal of achieving a patient base of 550 clients while maintaining the highest level of quality and satisfaction from both its customer base and patient population.  The top 10% requires an organization to operate within its resource limitations and Red Road Counseling will retain its efficiency by delivering its services at no more than 95% cost.  Red Road Counseling will retain the infrastructure to continually support growth and dedicate itself to mature business practice through the continued application of process improvement.


To provide excellent mental health care services while strengthening the communities we serve, encouraging hope for recovery, and to leave a legacy that inspires being of service to others.


We see...the struggles, trauma, and loss of hope that lies within those affected by mental health and substance use.

We care...about our community, individuals, and families struggling with hardships.

We treat...children, adolescents, adults, and families with dignity and respect to overcome barriers and enhance quality of life.


People and Community

We believe all people deserve the chance of recovery and access to quality, affordable mental health care services. We believe that focusing on the individual and their road to recovery strengthens not only the person but the community in which they live.



We believe it is our responsibility to set the standard for providing ethical and moral services in the mental health field. We are dedicated to administering services based on principles of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct. It is important to us to instill trust in the people we serve with the services we provide.



We believe collaborating with agencies in our community is important. Collaboration sets the stage for optimal recovery and integration for the clients we serve.


Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing the best possible care in the region for outpatient mental health services. We believe in exceeding industry standards and working actively to spread positive accountability.

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